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Comfort Height Toilets: everything you need to know

Everything You Need to Know About Comfort Height Toilets

When we talk about toilets, this is a topic not heavily discussed. We think that toilets are the same; since they all look the same. Little did we know that there are different toilet types. The right kind of toilet could mean the difference between relief and discomfort when doing our business.

One defining feature when choosing a toilet is the height. One of these types is the comfort height toilet.

What Is a Comfort Height Toilet?

Comfort height toilets are sometimes referred to as an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) toilet. This is because the height is compliant with ADA toilet specifications. Other names include chair toilet and universal toilet. This measures like the height of a chair. Exactly how tall is a comfort height toilet? This measures 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat. This is considered a tall toilet height as the standard toilets in the market measure a few inches lower.

comfort height toilet dimensions

Who Is Comfort Height Toilets Meant For?

Comfort height toilet is ideal for tall people as they are two to four inches taller than the standard toilets in the market. This makes it comfortable for them to sit down and also stand up. If you have elderly or disabled family members in the house, this is also perfect for them. Switching between their mobility devices to the toilet seat is made easier as the tall toilet height matches exactly the height of their device. Plus, a few inches on the seat can help ease discomfort from squatting.

Other individuals might find this kind of toilet not to their liking. Children for one is not suited for comfort height toilet because of the additional inches. It would make it difficult for them to sit upon and rest their feet. This toilet is also not meant for petite individuals as they might end up dangling their feet rather than resting it on the floor. This can cause leg pain and difficulty doing their business in the process.

Comfort Height Toilets vs Standard Toilets?

One main difference between the usual toilet and the comfort height toilet is the few additional inches in the toilet seat for the latter. Do not be confused in measuring the height of the toilet from the floor to the bowl. Make sure to include the seat height in the measurement. Because of the additional inches, expect the comfort height toilet to be heavy as compared to the standard. A toilet raiser might not also be necessary if you already have the chair toilet.

Which Toilet to Choose?

comfort height vs standard toilets

If you have been on the lookout for a new toilet in the market, consider getting a comfort height elongated toilet. This is ideal if you have tall or elderly family members. If you happen to have kids, getting this type is not suggested. If you are still in doubt about which one to get, do not be afraid to try the toilet out or contact us and we can help you with your new toilet installation. Make sure that sitting down and standing up should be a breeze and you can be able to comfortably rest your feet on the floor.

How Much Does a Comfort Height Toilet Cost?

comfort height toilet cost

Comfort height toilet costs depend on the brand. They are slightly pricier than the standard toilet types because of the extra seat height. If you are considering increasing the resale value of your house, opt with the standard type. Comfort height toilet also comes in one-piece type and two-piece type which is less expensive than the former. Plus, they have a variety of colors to choose from with white or beige being the popular choices.

Need Professional Installation?

Having this kind of toilet might sound luxurious thanks to the additional seat height, but installing one is the same as the standard ones. Expect similar costs during installation. To guarantee safety and proper installation of your comfort height toilet, contact us today for fast fair and reliable service. You can also learn more about our toilet services here.

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