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How Much Does It Cost to Build A House in Surrey?

How Much To Build a House in Surrey BC: Cost Overview

When looking to build a new home, you will likely have many questions. One of the most important decisions you will make is how much you are willing to spend.

This article provides a breakdown of the average cost of building a house in Surrey, BC, so that you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind that costs can vary greatly depending on the size and features of your home.

You can create your dream home without breaking the bank with careful planning. So, please keep reading to know more about the cost of building a house in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Cost of Building a House in Surrey BC

residential houses in surrey bc cost around $300 - $450 per square foot

The average cost to build a house in Surrey, BC, is around $300 to $450 per square foot. This includes the cost of materials, labour, and permits. The average cost to build an entire 1000 sq foot house would be around $300,000 to $450,000.

It is important to keep in mind that this is just an average. The cost of your new home will depend on various factors, including the size, features, and location. Some of the most expensive areas to build in Surrey are Clayton Heights, Fleetwood, and Morgan Creek. If you choose to build in one of these neighbourhoods, you can expect to pay a premium.

On the other hand, many affordable neighbourhoods offer great value for your money. If you want to save on construction costs, consider building in  Whalley, Guildford, or Newton.

Finding and Surveying Land: Pre-Construction Cost

people surveying the land in surrey bc

Before you can start building your new home, you will need to find a piece of land. This process can be expensive, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. One way to save money is to buy land that has already been developed.

This means that the land has been cleared and graded, and utilities such as water and electricity are already in place. Another option is to purchase land that is zoned for residential development. This type of land is usually less expensive, but it may take longer to get the necessary permits to build on it.

There are costs and fees involved in surveying the land in most cases, such as fees for land surveyors and zoning requirements.

Land Surveyors

A land survey is a detailed mapping of your property. It is essential to have a land survey done before purchasing or building on any property. Land surveyors are professionals who specialize in this type of work. The cost of hiring a land surveyor will vary depending on the size and complexity of your property.

Zoning Requirements

Zoning is the process of regulating land use and development. In Surrey, all land is divided into zones according to its intended use. There are many different zoning categories, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

It is important to check with your local municipality to see what zoning applies to the property you are interested in. Some properties may require special permits or permissions before you can build on them.

Building a House: Construction Cost

on going construction of a house from surrey

Once you have secured your land, it is time to start building your new home. This process can be expensive, but there are many ways to save money. One of the most expensive parts of construction is labour. You can save money by doing some of the work yourself but make sure you are familiar with the required building codes.

Another way to save money is by using quality materials but avoiding over-the-top features. For example, you can save money on the flooring by opting for basic vinyl instead of hardwood.

The construction cost will also vary depending on the type of home you are building. A detached home will cost more than a townhouse, for example.

In Surrey, BC, the average construction cost for a new home is about $300 per square foot. This amount includes materials and labour but does not include the land cost. If you are looking to build in one of the more expensive neighbourhoods in Surrey, you can expect to pay closer to $400 per square foot or even more.

Plumbing System Cost

plumbing system installation for surrey homes

Most homes in Surrey, BC, are connected to the municipal water and sewer systems. This means that you do not have to worry about installing a septic tank. The cost of connecting to the municipal system will vary depending on your location.

However, a home may be connected to a private water or sewer system in some cases. If this is the case, you will need to hire a plumber to install the sewer line for your home. The cost of this work can vary greatly depending on the system’s complexity, so it would be best if you would consult a Surrey BC Professional Plumber.

Neighbourhoods in Surrey

The cost to build a house in Surrey, BC, will vary depending on the neighbourhood. Some of the more expensive neighbourhoods include Cloverdale, Morgan Creek, and Grandview Heights.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, try White Rock or Newton. These neighbourhoods are still within commuting distance of downtown Vancouver but are much more affordable.

If you want to learn more in-depth information on this topic, check out our article about Best Neighbourhoods in Surrey BC, so you can get an idea of where you want to build your home.


Building a house in Surrey, BC, can be expensive, but there are many ways to save money. By doing your research and planning ahead, you can ensure that your dream home doesn’t break the bank.

In building your home, you should also consider plumbing infrastructure. It’s essential to reach out to an experienced plumber in Surrey in order to get an estimate on the cost of this work. If you are looking for a plumbing contractor to help with your home-building project, Your Guy Plumbing will be more than happy to help.

Here is a list of Surrey Home Builders You can Contact for your next home build. 

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