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contractor reviews in langleyIf your living in Langley BC and looking for high quality contractors that stand behind their work, have a solid reputation and don’t charge an arm and a leg for their services, then this is the post for you. We are going to lay out the top 1-3 contractors in the Langley area for plumbing, carpenter, electricians, and HVAC.

We understand the struggle home owners have all the time trying to find high quality contractors. The industry seems to be filled with people that just don’t care about their reputation, they provide poor quality service and never stand behind their work. This has caused many home owners to question the contractors they choose to work with. That is why we are writing this post, to provide you the highest rated contractors in the Langley area.

The first industry we want to cover is plumbing. Most home owners will eventually have to deal with an emergency plumbing issues, so we though we would start with the top 2 plumbing contractors in the area.

Your Guy Plumbing Langley

Rating: 5-star reviews on Google.
Services: Your Guy Plumbing provides both residential and light commercial services.
Website: https://yourguyplumbing.ca/service-areas/langley-bc/

Murrey Ville Plumbing
Rating: 4.7 start rating on Google
Services: Residential and light commercial services.

While they might not be the cheapest, both these companies provide great service and always stand behind their work. Give them a call if you are ever having issues with your plumbing system.

General Contractors Reviews in Langley

langley We have all needed a general contractor, unfortunately not all them are created equal. Whether were performing a new renovation in our house, building a new guest home, updating our kitchen and bathroom or just need a new garage door installed, these are the top 3 general contractors in the Langley area. All these contractors stand behind their work, have exceptional teams and are extremely knowledgeable.

The Finishers Touch
The description is in the name. This company specializes in finishing. While they don’t perform any framing work, they are the guys that make your home look pretty. Everything from windows, flooring, cabinets, baseboards…etc. They do it all and they do it with passion. If you are in need a making your home look great and need some touch ups, these are the guys you call.  Based right in Langley BC, you cant go wrong with choosing these guys as your contractor.

Coastal Valley Exteriors
To compliment “The Finishers Touch”, these guys specialize on outside exterior work. Their services include landscaping. rock walls,. drive ways, backyard renovations…etc. If your in need of outside work getting done and want a professional contractor to handle the work, these are the guys you want to give a ring. Again, another fantastic company based right in the local community. Use these guys with confidence.

If you are looking for more general contractors in the Langley area, we recommend checking out these two resources below. They have tons o reviews and listing of contractors in the local community.