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Thinking about moving to White Rock BC in the near future?

Who wouldn’t want to live here… its full of beautiful beaches, views, amazing restaurants and some of the best weather in the entire lower mainland. With its breath taking landscapes, ocean front scenery and quite community tucked away from the highly trafficked areas, White Rock has become a hot destination for individuals to live and settle down.

If you are considering moving to White Rock I am writing this post to tell you my story on how I decided to move to White Rock from Kelowna BC and what you can expect.

The White Rock Community

First and foremost, White Rock is a very tight retirement community. It is a destination much more relaxed then most places in the Lower Mainland. The people here are friendly, reserved and love taking in the beautiful nature that they get to experience day in and day out. Everyone is friendly and the entire community seems to care about the future of the city.

If you are young and want to live somewhere busier with more things to do, White Rock might not be the place for you, but if you enjoy quite communities where you actually get the chance to get to know your neighbors, this is the right choice for you.

If you want to learn more about the White Rock culture and community, you can visit this page here.


Now if your like most people, you probably work for a living and probably don’t want to move anywhere unless there is opportunity for you to grow and build a career, so lets talk about the opportunity in this city.

While White Rock itself is a small community and doesn’t have an entirely robust economy, your very close to Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland. There is endless opportunity to tap into which is what makes living in White Rock so amazing. You get the benefits of living in this amazing community while being able to tap into the endless opportunity that the entire lower mainland provides… its the best of both worlds.

I can speak for myself as this is how I start my own Plumbing business. I run Your Guy Plumbing & Drainage based in Surrey, but choose to live in the White Rock area. Its the best of both worlds because it provides me with endless opportunity to grow my career while still being able to live in a quite and peaceful neighborhood.

If your consider moving here, you can check out the careers page here and see if there are any opportunities for you.

There you have it, now you understand the basis of the community, what the culture is like and if there is opportunity for you here. If you make the move… which we hope you do, we can assure you it wont be something you regret.