clogged drainsDealing With Plugged Drains?

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Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting Services

drain cleaning with hydro jetterNot only do we specialize in in unclogging drains, we also have specialty equipment for cleaning and resetting your drains.

Over time your drains take a toll. They accumulate sewage debris, grease, scum, food, and feminine products. Over the course of many years this debris can start to accumulate and cause our drains to back up. Even if you unclog your drain, lots of this debris will still be left in your drains allowing for the problem to come back again in the future. The permanent solution for resetting your drains is to perform drain cleaning. This is the process of using a hydro jetter machine which shoots high pressure water down the drains and polished the lines. These jetter machines are great for alleviating all the debris, grease and scum build up in your drains and letting you sleep at night knowing your drains wont be backing up anytime soon.

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Here are some of the most common plugged drains we experience on a day to day basis and how they should be dealt with.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

clogged kictchen sinkOne of the most common drains that plug in the house or any commercial building is the kitchen sink. This is one of the most abused drains in the house. The kitchen sink accumulated grease from cooking, scum from soap, food debris from garburators and anything else that might find its way down the drain.

Solution: Because the most common reason kitchen sinks plug up is due to grease, clearing the drain can be very difficult due to the fact that the accumulation of grease has been happening for years before the problem occurred. These drains require a power auger drain cleaning machine that has the power and capacity to push the grease down the lines. After clearing, kitchen sinks should be hydro flushed to polish the lines and alleviate all the grease build up. Though not necessary, its a strong recommendation.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

Another common drain that likes to clog up is the bathroom sink. Most of the time bathroom sinks like to clog up due to hair build up.

Solution: There are three spots that tend to accumulate hair and cause restriction of flow in the bathroom drains. The first area is the pop up. The mechanical pop ups tend to catch a lot of hair and eventually restrict the flow in the sink. The second is the p-trap, and the third area is hair build up further down the drain line. Again, a special auger will need to be used if the clog is further down the drain line.

Clogged Tub And Shower

Clogged-Shower-DrainThe shower and tub drains are very similar to the bathroom sink. They typically clog up due to hair build up in the p-trap or from hair accumulating further down the drain. This is almost inevitable due to the fact that we tend to shed hair from our bodies and head every time we shower and over the course of years this can build up and clog your tub and shower drains.

Solution: You Will most likely need to hire a plumber to clear this drain, but make sure to invest in a drain cover that is meant to catch hair when you shower. This little device will save you lots of headaches and money in the future.

Clogged Toilet

We have all experienced this one. Sometimes it just happens due to bowel movements or sometimes we have family members or kids that like to experiment with our toilets and through toys and random items down the drain causing the toilet to permanently clog up.

Solution: Depending on what is clogging the toilet, we can typically clear the toilet using a special toilet auger, but if unsuccessful, the toilet might need to be pulled off so the blockage can be removed manually.

Clogged Sewerline

plugged sewerline Dealing with a clogged sewer line can be a massive headache. Typically if this system gets plugged up its due to a structural issue in the main sewer line. This could be due to roots growing into the pipe, joints that have separated due to ground shifting, or improper grade(again due to ground shifting). You will know when your sewer line has plugged up because all the drains in your house will cause sewage to back at the lowest point of your house, this is typically the shower/tub or toilet in the basement.

Solution: Sewer line are by far one of the hardest drains to clear. This is due to the fact that its typically the largest drain in the house and its requires a bigger machine that can puncture and tear through the roots or obstructions that could be causing the system to back up. In order to clear a sewer line you will need a plumber that has proper drain cleaning equipment that can properly clear the drain.

Clogged Drain Tile or Storm Drain

Storm drains vary from market to market depending on weather patterns, but the most common reason for these systems to plug up is due to dirt, leafs, gravel, and roots growing into the system. Because storm drains take all the accumulated water from your roof, drive way and ground, its very easy for these systems to accumulate massive amounts of debris over time and clog up.

When you storm drain clogs up it has the potential to flood your house. If it rains and the rain water has nowhere to go because your drains aren’t flowing, the accumulated water will cause pressure against the foundation and footing of your house and eventually seep through, flooding your house.

It’s imperative that drain tiles and storm drains get maintenance and inspected every 1-3 years to ensure the system is running the way it should. The last thing you want to happen is have these systems back up as the risks of damaging your house are high.

Solution: The most effective way to clear a storm drain is either by utilizing a power auger machine or a high pressure jetter machine. These storm drain systems can be very complicated sometimes so we highly recommend hiring a professional plumbing and drain cleaning company to inspect and clear your clogged storm drains.

If you are dealing with any of these situations listed above, give us a call and we will be more than happy to come solve your problems.

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