foundation-drainage-drain-tileAre you currently having issues with your storm drain system or looking to have a new drainage system installed in the near future?

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What Is The Purpose of a Storm Drain?

storm drain The Storm drain system has one purpose, to collect all the outside rain water in your roof gutters and in the ground. All the pipes in the drain tile system should have perforations(small holes) to allow the ground water to seep into the system and drain into the city storm system. If this system becomes compromised(plugged) or damaged in some way, the water will not have anywhere to drain when it rains and will start to collect and build up around your house. Over time this can cause a lot for water pressure on the foundation/footing of your house and cause water to seep in through the basement. As a home owner this is one of the most important systems to maintain and inspect on a regular bases to ensure it is working properly so that you don’t have to deal with any future disasters that come with a heavy rain fall.

Common Drain Tile Issues and Repairs

Root Intrusions: Because the entire storm drain system is in the ground outside it is very typical for tree and plant roots to find there way into the system. The water in these systems is “food” for these living organisms and once they find a way into the system they will continue to grow until your entire storm drain is plugged up.

Solution: Depending on how big the roots are, you will need to attempt to clear the drain using a powerful hydro jetter machine or power auger that can cable and tear out the roots. These services are typically done by a plumbing company as they will have the proper equipment for these types of jobs.

Debris Build up: Over time leafs, dirt, and debris find there way down the drains. If your system isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, this dirt and debris can accumulate and eventually plug up the system.

Solution: Similar to the root intrusions, you will need to have a plumber come out and attempt to clear the drain with a cable machine or special hydro jetter that can blast through the dirt and blockages to allow flow in the system again.

Ground Shifting: Over time the ground is constantly moving and shifting. This natural occurrence in nature can cause shifting in your storm drain system and completely compromise the drains.

Solution: If this is the case it is most likely in need of a permanent spot repair or full replacement. In order to know for sure, we highly recommend performing a camera inspection first to conclude what is going on in the storm drain system.

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Storm Drain and Weeping Tile Installations

weeping tile install

If your not currently happy with your system and you’d rather take the permanent approach and completely replace your existing system, we have the specialized knowledge, equipment and resources to get the job done in a safe, effective and timely manner. We follow all the best practices and build your system with service and maintenance in mind so you have a system that will last you a life time while keeping your home safe during every rain fall.

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