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On this page our goal is to educate you on the most common hot water heater issues and repairs and to show you all the different options for upgrading and replacing your current system.

Most Common Hot Water Tank Problems…

hot water tank leakingThe most common problem you will encounter with your hot water tank is either a leak from internal corrosion over time or no heat because your gas valve or thermal couple has burned out. Most of the time this is a clear indication that your tank has reached its life span and is ready to be replaced or upgraded to a new and higher efficient system.

Most tanks last roughly 8-12 years, so if your is in this age range, it is time to upgrade. If it is younger than 8 years old, it might still be under warranty and could possibly be fixed depending on the issues you are dealing with.

Regardless, a hot water heater is a gas appliance and should always be handled by a qualified technician who understands the system to prevent anyone from getting injured or hurt while operating the system.

If you would like to try to diagnose the issue yourself, we have provided some training videos at the bottom of this article for you to check out.

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What Are The Best Hot Water Tanks?

High Efficiency On Demand Tank Less Water Heaters

navien tankless systemThe first hot water heater that we want to mention is the high efficient, on demand tanks. These tanks are growing in market size and for good reasons. They do come with a more costly upfront investment, but you will almost always make that back in the long run, making them worthy investments.

The brand that we install and highly recommend is Navien. This is pretty much the market leader when it comes to tank-less systems. That said, lets cover the pros and cons when deciding to replace your low efficient system with these highly innovative tanks.


  • High efficiency: You can save up to 30-60% on your gas bills these systems run at a 97% efficiency!
  • Unlimited hot water: Great for bigger households.
  • Takes up way less space.
  • Lasts about 20 years, double the length of what a typical hot water tank lasts!


  • More expensive to install.
Standard Gas and Electric Hot Water Tanks

bradford-white-water-heatersIf your just looking to replace your existing tank with another similar model, there are two very popular brands Bradford White which tends to lead the market place in quality and reliability, but another popular brand is the Rheem hot water tanks. Both brands are great, it really just comes down to personal preference.

Both these brands make electric and gas hot water tanks. They come in all sizes from mini electric 20 gallon tanks all the way to large size 65 gallon commercial grade tanks. If you currently have a standard residential house and looking to replace your tank, its most likely going to be anywhere from 40-50 gallons and should be replaced with either a Bradford White or Rheem tank.

How much will a new hot water tank cost?

Now if you made it this far, your probably wondering how much a new tank is going to cost you? The answer to that question comes down to a LOT of variables, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 – $7,000 depending on the style of system you choose and a multitude of other variable factors. Every home is different, and every tank is different which requires custom quoting for each project, but those are the costs ranges you can expect to pay between the two different systems.

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Also, if your a handy man and want to try to diagnose your own hot water tank issues and make a repair, check out the videos below. These are some great resources we found on YouTube that we hope come to use for you. Enjoy!

Troubleshooting gas hot water tank.

Troubleshooting electric hot water tank.

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