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The kitchen and bathroom sinks are one of the most common fixtures in the house and take a lot of wear and tear on the plumbing system from lots of usage. There are a variety of issues that can cause a leak underneath a sink and we will cover those in this post and hopefully provide you with enough information to fix it yourself or call a professional plumber to come take care of your situation.

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Most Common Leaks That Occur Underneath the Kitchen Sink and How to Repair.

  1. Drainage issues: The first and most common issue that can cause a leak is the drains. This could be a loose connection on the P-trap underneath your sink, it could be the basket strainer seal coming loose that needs to be replaced or taken apart or it could also be wear and tear on your drains from years of corrosion causing your system to wear out. Regardless, if you are encountering any of these issues we highly recommend calling a plumber to deal with your drainage issue so you can prevent any further water damage from happening.
  2. Loose Connection to Faucet: Another very common issue is a loose connection on your faucet handle. If the connection is loose or washers completely worn out, you will notice water dripping down the faucet hose and down into the cabinet area underneath the sink. This is a very common problem that can easily be fixed by a home owner, but if you are uncomfortable dealing with plumbing systems and don’t want to risk damaging your home, give us a call and we will be more then willing to come help.
  3. Leaking Valves or Water Lines: Last but not least, having a worn out/corroded water lines or shut off valve could be the culprit causing water to leak underneath your sink. If you have an old plumbing system, this can become a very common issue. This will require a professional to re-pipe you water lines or shut of valves in order to prevent anymore water damage/leaking from happening.

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