water line repairDealing with a leaking water line and need it repaired? Whether your water main has burst or you have a slow drip from an old copper pipe in your house, Your Guy Plumbing can help. We specialize in residential and light commercial plumbing repairs and have a team of highly trained technicians who can help fix your leaking pipes.

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Most Common Reasons For Pipe Leaks

Dealing with a pipe leak can be a massive headache. It’s never fun knowing your house is compromised and could potentially develop water damage due to a water leak. These issues should be taken very seriously as the costs involved with these problems can add up quick if not taken care of right away. That said, we want to educate you as to why pipe leaks occur and how you can take proactive measures to prevent anymore leaks from happening in the future.

High Pressure: The first one is high pressure. Anytime your pressure is running at an excessive degree all your pipes in your home are at risk for leaks. Every home should come with a pressure regulator that drops the pressure to a safe level to protect your home. If these regulators are not serviced or inspected on a regular basis these valves can wear out over timer resulting in high pressure.  Pressure is always the main reason water lines leak or burst.

Freezing: Another common reason pipes can burst or leak is due to freezing. Anytime temperatures get below freezing your water lines are at risk of freezing and expanding causing cracks in the pipes. Make sure all outside water lines are turned off during cold winter months.

Old Pipes: Every plumbing system has a life span and once it reaches that life span, issues and water line leaks are inevitable. Think of your plumbing system like the engine for a car. Once the engine reaches a certain amount of kilometers it burns out and needs to be replaced… the same can be said for a plumbing systems. Water lines wear out, they corrode and joints get weak. If your home is constantly dealing with water line leaks, it might be time to re-pipe your home and upgrade your system so you never have to worry about another leak again.

Hot Water Expansion: Another reason leaks can develop in your home is due to hot water expansion. Anytime your hot water tank heats up, the water needs to expand and if there is no room for the water to expand it can put excess pressure on your pipes, causing a leak. In order to fix this issue we recommend installing thermal expansion tanks on all hot water tanks to keep your system protected.

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Water Main Repair & Replacement

water servicel lineHas your water main burst? Looking to have it replaced or repaired?

We do full water main installations, from the excavation side and digging the trench to installing all the new pipes. Typically we will install a new pressure regulator and main water shut off on every water main that we replace. We also give customers the option to upgrade and install flow protection technology on their water main that can automatically detect when there is a leak in the house and instantly shut down the water to your house to keep everything protected while you are away or unaware of whats going on. We take all the extra precautions so that you never have to worry about having plumbing issues with your water main again.

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