hose bib leakingAre you dealing with a leaking outdoor faucet/hose bib and looking to have it repaired or replaced? If so, we have the solution for you.

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Why Is Your Outside Hose Bib Leaking?

The outdoor hose bib is a very common fixture that gets used a lot during the summer months. With this usage, the rubber gasket inside this fixture gets compromised and can start leaking. This is the most common problem with these outdoor faucets. If this is happening to you, we recommend calling a professional plumber to come make the repair as this excess water can increase your hydro/water bill drastically.

Another common reason for these fixtures to start leaking is because of freezing in the winter. If you don’t install a frost free hose bib and leave your water turned on during the winter months, this can cause the water inside your hose bib/water lines to expand and cause damage to both the hose bib and the water lines it connects to. If you are dealing with this issue we recommend installing a frost free hose bib as these fixtures are designed to stay on during winter months without having issues.

Looking for a Hose Bib Replacement or Upgrade?

frost-free-faucetWhether your just looking to add a new hose bib to your outside patio or have your old one replaced with a more modern style, we have a variety of regular and frost free hose bibs that we can install for you. The cost of these installation will depend on which hose bib you want, the location and a variety of other factors. While we can’t give you an exact estimate on this post, we are always willing to provide out customer with FREE estimates on any repairs and installations. Just give us a call today and we will be more than happy to have one of our techs come over and help you with your plumbing issues/projects.

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If you’re a DIY home owner and would like to install your own outside faucet, below is a great video showing you the process for making this type of plumbing repair.