trenchless-water-line-replacementLooking to have your main water line replaced in the near future and considering trench less technology?

Your Guy Plumbing is a full service company that specializes in residential and light commercial plumbing projects. We have vast experience with pull through and trench-less methods and have helped our customers save thousands of dollars by preventing the need to dig up their yards or break up their drive ways.

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What is Trenchless Technology?

Most water line replacements in the past were always performed by digging a trench that leads from the city connection to the house. While this is a sure fire way to properly install a new water line, it requires digging up your front yard or drive way. This can cost customers more money then they want to spend due to the fact that concrete needs to be replaced, gardens will have to be dig up, trenches will have to be dug and there is a little more labor required in this process.

While digging trenches is still a practice today, it is slowly being replaced with trench less installations. With trench-less technology, digging is still required, but it is minimal when compared to typical procedures. One hole needs to be dug up at the city connection and another hole needs to be dug either at the foundation of the house or inside the house were the water line can be pulled through. A new water line is then attached to the old one and is pulled through the ground.

Benefits of Trench less Pull Through Methods

  1. Typically cost less and requires less labor.
  2. More time efficient, have your water up and running without waiting days for someone to dig a trench.
  3. No need to dig up the front yard or destroy your drive way.

pull through water service

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When you shouldn’t perform trench-less pull through methods.

Due to the unpredictable nature of what’s underground, pull through methods are never bullet proof. There can be rocks, roots, obstruction and other plumbing related lines in the way under ground(like gas lines, sewer lines, drain tiles…etc) and these can cause issues or prevent the new line from being pulled through. This is something that needs to be considered during every job and while we do our best to prevent any issues from arising, it is something that every customer needs to be aware of as the last thing you want to do is cause more damage to other systems that are buried underground. To prevent this, we always call BC1 to make sure we are aware of all the other lines running underground.

That said, here is a great video explaining what trench-less technology is and how it works. Enjoy.


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