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What do Water Softeners do?

Water softeners are the solution for eliminating all your hard water in your house. So what exactly is hard water?

Hard water is the accumulation of minerals such as calcium, magnesium…etc in the water distribution system that can wreck havoc and damage fixtures and other aspects of your home. This is mainly due to the fact that all these minerals create deposits which can clog up the appliances like dishwashers, faucets, hot water tanks…etc.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

  1. Save Money: The first benefit that we want to mention is the savings that you will benefit from by protecting all the fixtures in your home. By upgrading your system and installing a water softener you are protecting all your home fixtures from the possible damage that hard water can inflict.Because hard water does take longer to heat up, you will also save money on your energy and water bills. Water softeners create more efficient, faster and more reliable plumbing systems. It is estimated that you can save up to $1,000 per year by upgrading your system with a water softener.
  2. Go Green: If your conscious about the environment, you can sleep well at night knowing you are utilizing less water, less energy and extending the life of all your appliances. Water softeners help the environment and make the world a more efficient and clean place to live.
  3. Less Headache With Cleaning: Hard water makes it extremely difficult for soap to break down and can cause white deposits/streaking on dishes, sinks, clothes and other material that requires the use of soap and water for cleaning. If you upgrade your system, you can expect all these nuances to go away.

If these benefits sound like something you would enjoy, we recommend have a look Pelican Waters website. They are one of the main suppliers for water softeners and have a variety of different products to choose from.

Cost to Install or Repair a Water Softener?

Quoting a water softener is dependent on a lot of moving parts(size of room, existing plumbing system, type of softener you choose…etc). That said, we have no problem providing all our customers with FREE no obligtion quotes for repairs and installations. We can have a technician come out to your house, go over some options with you and then provide you with a free estimate for repair, replacement or new installation.

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If your interested in learning more about water softeners and the installation process, here is a great YouTube video going into more details.