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Trenchless Pipe Bursting

What is Pipe Bursting? Learn Everything You Need to Know About This New Technology 

You’ve probably heard of pipe bursting, but you’re unsure what it is or if it’s the right solution for your broken sewer or damaged water line. 

Pipe bursting has become a popular way to repair pipes, but there are a lot of misconceptions about this technology. Some people think that this method is only for large projects, but that’s not true. Pipe bursting can be used for both small and large diameter pipe repair.

So, what is pipe bursting? In this article, we’ll discuss what pipe bursting is, how it works, and some of the advantages of using this technology. We also talk about why it is a better option than traditional pipe replacement methods. So let’s get started!

What is Pipe Bursting?

Trenchless pipe bursting method

Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe repair method that allows you to replace your pipes without tearing up your yard or home in the process. It works by breaking apart the old pipes and creating new ones as you go. Since it’s a trenchless method, it can be used for both small and large projects.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Pipe bursting works by using a hydraulic machine to break apart the old pipe underground. As the machine breaks apart the old pipe, it simultaneously pulls a new pipe through the old one. This process is repeated until the entire length of the old pipe has been replaced.

It’s a highly efficient process that can help you save time and money while also minimizing the amount of damage to your property.

When Should You Utilize Pipe Bursting?

pipe bursting process

There are many situations in which pipe bursting can be a great option. Some of the most common include:

Replacing Damaged Sewer Lines Or Other Types Of Underground Pipes

Pipe bursting can help you replace your sewer lines or other types of underground pipes quickly and easily. This method is an excellent option if you have damaged or broken pipes. It can also be used if your pipes have root intrusions, meaning that tree roots have grown into the pipes and are causing damage.

Upgrading To A Larger Pipe Size

Upgrading to a larger pipe size can help you improve your home or business’s water flow and pressure. Pipe bursting is the perfect solution for this type of project because it can replace the pipes in just a short period of time without damaging your property. This method is often done when homes or businesses are adding new bathrooms or other fixtures that require a larger pipe size.

Repairing Pipes That Have Collapsed

If your pipes have collapsed, pipe bursting can be used to repair them. This is often done after heavy rains or floods when the ground has shifted and caused the pipes to collapse.

Installing A New Sewer Line

If you’re installing a new sewer line, pipe bursting can be used to do so. This method is often used when homes or businesses are expanding their sewer lines to accommodate new growth.

Improving Water Flow

Pipe bursting can be used to increase water flow in your pipes. This can be a great option if you notice that your water pressure has decreased over time or if you have pipes blocked by sediment.

These are just a few of the many situations in which pipe bursting can be used. If you’re not sure if this technology is right for your home or business, talk to a professional who can assess your pipes and help you determine the best solution.

Pipe Bursting vs. Traditional Excavation Methods: The Pros And Cons

line repair methods

Many benefits come with using pipe bursting technology over traditional excavation methods. Here are the pros and cons of using this method:


  • Pipe bursting is a faster and more efficient process than traditional excavation methods. This means that it can help you save time and money while also resulting in less damage to your property.
  • This new technology also allows you to replace pipes without digging up your yard or driveway. This can make the process less disruptive for your family or employees and make it much easier to replace pipes in tight or hard-to-access places.
  • Pipe bursting can also be used for a wide variety of different projects. This means that it’s a versatile option that can be used for small or large projects and residential or commercial applications.


  • Pipe bursting can be more expensive than traditional excavation methods, depending on the size and scope of the project.
  • Trenchless repair technology is still relatively new, so only a few companies offer this service. It can be difficult to find a qualified professional to complete your project.
  • It can also be a more complex process than traditional excavation, so it’s essential to make sure that you work with a professional who has experience using this technology.

Sewer Pipe Bursting vs. Water Line Pipe Bursting 

Pipe bursting can be used for a variety of different types of projects, including sewer and water line projects. Here’s a look at the differences between these two types of projects:

Sewer Pipe Bursting

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting is typically used to replace old or damaged sewer lines. This process involves breaking up the old sewer line and replacing it with a new pipe, which is installed using a bursting head that pushes the new material through the old pipes.

Water Line Pipe Bursting

Trenchless water line pipe bursting is often used to replace broken water lines, improve water flow, or increase water pressure for homes or businesses. This process involves breaking up the old pipes and replacing them with new materials, typically without digging up your property.

How Much Does Pipe Bursting Cost?

The cost of pipe bursting varies depending on the size and scope of your project, as well as the materials used and the professionals you work with. Typically, trenchless pipe bursting projects can range from $100 to $250 per foot. The average overall expenses for the whole project can range from $5,000 to $25,000.

If you want to make sure that you’re able to afford pipe bursting for your home or business, it’s important that you carefully plan and budget for the project. Talk to a professional about your specific needs and what materials will work best for your project so that you can get an estimate of how much it will cost.

How to Find a Pipe Bursting Contractor in Yor Area?

plumber doing a sewer repair

If you need to replace your pipes and are looking for a professional to complete the trenchless line repair project, there are several things that you can do to find a qualified contractor in your area.

The first step is to talk to people you know or trust who have had similar projects completed. This can help you get recommendations and referrals from people who have had a good experience with their contractors.

You can also look online for customer reviews of pipe bursting contractors in your area. This can help you see what other people’s experiences have been and help you narrow down your options.

If you live in Lower Mainland Canada, you can contact us at Your Guy Plumbing. We offer both trenchless sewer line repairs and trenchless water line replacements. . Call us today at (604-200-0162) or visit our website to learn more about our services and schedule your consultation and estimate.


If you are looking for a new, more efficient way to replace or repair your pipes, trenchless pipe bursting may be the right option. This process involves breaking up and replacing old pipes without the need for traditional excavation methods, making it a quick and effective solution for various projects.

Keep in mind that trenchless methods can be a complex process, so it’s important to work with a qualified professional who has experience using this technology. Also, consider the cost of your project, and make sure that you can afford pipe bursting by planning ahead and finding a reliable contractor in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pipe bursting work?

Yes, pipe bursting works by using hydraulic pressure to break up and push out the existing pipe while simultaneously pulling in a new replacement pipe. This process is typically faster and more efficient than traditional excavation methods.

How long does pipe bursting last?

Pipe bursting is a long-lasting solution that can last up to 50 years or more. The materials and techniques used in trenchless methods are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of underground infrastructure, and they can resist both physical stress and corrosion over time.

What kind of pipe is used for pipe bursting?

High-and medium-density polyethylene (HDPE or MDPE) have been the most popular replacement pipes for trenchless method applications because they are flexible, lightweight, and durable with high tensile strength.

Does pipe bursting work on PVC and concrete?

Almost all types of existing pipe can be replaced with pipe bursting, including PVC, concrete, cast iron, and clay. This versatility makes trenchless methods a highly effective solution for sewer and water main replacement, regardless of the existing material.

If you’re interested in learning more about trenchless replacement methods, contact a professional contractor to discuss your options. With this effective and efficient replacement method, your newest infrastructure will be ready to last for years to come!

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