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Looking to to travel to White Rock BC in the near future?

Of so, this post is to educate you on all the fun things to do in this amazing city. White Rock has been one of the most popular tourists attractions in the lower mainland for years and for good reason… its beautiful, has amazing restaurants and the views are breathtaking.

Now that Ive hopefully peaked your interested, here are the top 3 things to do in White Rock.

1) The White Rock Pier

white rock pierI’m sure you seen it coming, but this is the main attraction in White Rock. The Pier is a must see. Located right on the ocean, you can walk out and experience nature, reflect on the beauty of the White Rock strip and take in the breath taking views.

Learn more about the white rock Pier Here.

2) White Rock Blue Frog Studios

blue frog white rockOne of Canada’s hottest studios, this is quote the place to check out. This studio is the home of some of the greatest artists to come out of Canada and hasn’t stopped there. This place a history in the music and live theater entertainment industry. If you enjoy music and art, this is definitely a place to check out. Rumor has it, it is one of the best sounding rooms in all of Canada, walk in their and let the music ring beautiful sounds to your ears!


3) Three Dogs Brewing

If you like breweries, this is the one to check out in White Rock. With great snacks, amazing music, friendly staff and of course delicious beer, you can never fail spending a night out at the Three Dogs Brewery. Its a local favorite and continues to keep tourists happy at all times of the year.

They have had plumbing issues in the past, but Your Guy Plumbing has been their company of choice and always keep this place up and running so customer get to continue the joys of the brewery.

There you have it, those are the top 3 things to check out when visiting White Rock BC. There are of course many other things to check out and see, but these three have consistently been at the top of the list for man years and never seem o fail anyone who wants to experience this city.