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The purpose of this page is to provide the readers with non biased review of all the general contractors in the beautiful White Rock area.

White Rock is a small community with amazing people and even more amazing landscapes and views. Its also the home to some of the greatest business owners on earth and in this post we want to provide you access to these contractors so that if you ever have issues and are need of finding a high quality contractor in the White Rock area, you can just come back to this page and check out the reviews.

In this post we are going to cover the top 1-3 contractors in Plumbing, Carpenters, Heating & Cooling and Electricity. These are the most common contractors, so we hope this page serves you now or in the future when deciding to work with a local business in the White Rock area.

White Rock Contractor Reviews

The first contractors that we want to cover is the plumbers. There are only two business that we recommend. Both these businesses have a solid reputation, serve the White Rock community and stand behind their work.

Your Guy Plumbing
Reviews: 5 Stars on Google
Specialties: They service both residential and light commercial buildings.
Website: https://yourguyplumbing.ca/service-areas/white-rock-bc/

Hill Crest Plumbing
Reviews: 4.8 rating on Google
Specialties: These guys serve both residential and light commercial. They also provide heating and cooling services to the local community.

Now that we covered one of the most popular contractors used my locals, lets talk about carpenters or general contractors for basic home services. Below is the highest reviewed contractor we could find. They have been serving the local community of White Rock for a very long time and have provided nothing but exceptional service.

Above All Contracting
Reviews: 5 Star Rating on Google
Services: Whether your looking to build a completely new house or perform a new renovation, Above All Contracting can serve your needs.
Website: https://www.aboveallcontracting.ca/

white rock businessesIf you are looking for more general contractors in the local market, we recommend checking out Houzz as they have a more robust reviews page with all the highest rated contractors in the area. You can vie that page here.

You can also check out Trusted Pros. They have a variety of general contractors to choose from and many reviews to sift through so you only find the best in the local market!

The last contractors we want to cover are electricians. There are a variety of electrical contractors in the local community, but there are only a few that we recommend based on reviews, reliability and reputation in the community.

White Rock Electric
Reviews: 5 Star Rating on Google
Services: Residential and light commercial services.
Website: https://www.whiterockelectric.ca/


There you have it. These are the top contractors in the local market. If you are ever in need of these services, we highly recommend utilizing these companies and supporting the community. If you live in the White Rock community, comment below and let us know what you think.